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RevMob vs Tapjoy – A Comparison

August 10, 2012

TapJoy is one of the most established CPI networks in the industry. RevMob on the other hand is the newest player mobile advertising networks. One unique feature that TapJoy uses is incentivizing app users to download and use the advertised apps. For every install, the users stand to gain virtual currency that they can use […]

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RevMob vs. Flurry – A Side by Side Comparison

July 31, 2012

RevMob is the newest major player in the CPI network industry and one of its biggest competitors is Flurry. Flurry has been around since 2008 and they boast of a list of clientele that includes Zynga, Disney and Pepsi Co. RevMob though young, also has an impressive portfolio of clients, mostly major gaming studios. As […]

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RevMob vs. Chartboost – A Side by Side Comparison

July 30, 2012

CPI networks like RevMob and Chartboost has changed the face of mobile app advertising and will continue to dominate the industry in the years to come. For advertisers and developers, the choice of which CPI network to commit to is an important decision to make if they want to maximize their gains. Advertisers want to […]

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How Much Does RevMob Pay?

July 24, 2012

The Revmob revenue model is often questioned because of it’s large monetary claims. Compared to most other networks, Revmob touts an earning profile for developers that can be 4x – 10x what other ad networks offer. How is this possible? How does Revmob really pay? The answer is that it depends on three factors: How […]

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Revmob Fill Rate – A Detailed Look

July 10, 2012

What Is The Ad Fill Rate For RevMob? 99%. Most networks actually operate at a 99% fill rate, but only if you accept the minimum bids ($0.50). This means that you can guarantee max impressions, but only if you are willing to take a lower price for every install you can deliver. The reason for […]

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How Does RevMob Work?

July 8, 2012

Exploiting a Broken Market – Where The Wild Dollars Are This is more of an overall interpretation of how advertising networks operate in their current genesis, especially once the CPI model came into play. CPI = Cost Per Install CPC = Cost Per Click eCPM = Earnings per Thousand Impressions CPI Networks like Revmob, Chartboost, […]

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